Seasonal Allocations Increased

Announcement Date: 15 Feb 2008
Next Announcement Due: 3 Mar 2008

Determination Data

Seasonal determinations for northern Victoria regulated river systems.

  High Reliability Water Share Change to High Reliability Water Share Comments
Murray 42% +6% -
Broken 68% +3% -
Goulburn 53% +2% -
Campaspe 16% +2% -
Loddon 5% 0% -
Bullarook Creek 0% 0% -

Further Information


Goulburn-Murray Water today announced increased seasonal allocations in the Goulburn, Murray, Broken and Campaspe systems. No changes were possible for the seasonal allocations in the Loddon and Bullarook Creek systems.

The Goulburn system seasonal allocation is 53% of high-reliability water shares, an increase of 2%. The Broken system seasonal allocation increased by 3% to be 68% of high-reliability water shares, and 2% was added to give the Campaspe system a seasonal allocation of 16% of high-reliability water shares.

The Murray system has a seasonal allocation of 42% of high-reliability water shares, which is an increase of 6% since 1 February. This improvement includes the effects of the recently adopted interstate sharing arrangements in the Murray system. The new arrangements provide an earlier return to the normal sharing of Murray resources, following the special drought arrangements used to provide for essential needs earlier this season.

The Loddon system seasonal allocation is unchanged at 5% of high-reliability water shares. Bullarook Creek system customers can access water for qualified rights.

Final seasonal allocations for 2007/08 will be announced on Tuesday 1 April 2008. Customers should take this date into account when planning allocation use and carryover this season. Carryover is an important resource management measure for all customers in the Murray, Broken, Goulburn, Campaspe, Loddon and Bullarook Creek regulated systems to meet their early water needs next season.

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