Seasonal Allocations Updated

Announcement Date: 3 Mar 2008
Next Announcement Due: 17 Mar 2008

Determination Data

Seasonal determinations for northern Victoria regulated river systems.

  High Reliability Water Share Change to High Reliability Water Share Comments
Murray 43% +1% -
Broken 70% +2% -
Goulburn 54% +1% -
Campaspe 18% +2% -
Loddon 5% 0% -
Bullarook Creek 0% 0% -

Further Information


Goulburn-Murray Water today increased seasonal allocations in the Goulburn, Murray, Broken and Campaspe systems. The seasonal allocations in the Loddon and Bullarook Creek systems remained unchanged.

Continuing dry conditions means there has been little inflow to water systems since the most recent allocation announcement on 15 February 2008. The improvements announced today were provided by efficient delivery system operations and the current low demand for water.

The Goulburn system seasonal allocation has increased by 1% to be 54% of high-reliability water shares. The Murray system seasonal allocation has also increased by 1% to be 43% of high-reliability water shares.

Increases of 2% were made in each of the Broken and Campaspe systems. The Broken system is now 70% of high-reliability water shares and the Campaspe system is 18% of high-reliability water shares.

The Loddon system seasonal allocation is 5% of high-reliability water shares. Bullarook Creek system customers can access water for qualified rights.

Goulburn-Murray Water will announce the final 2007/08 seasonal allocations on Tuesday 1 April 2008. For customers in the Murray, Broken, Goulburn, Campaspe, Loddon and Bullarook Creek regulated systems, water which is unused from this season's allocations carries over to next season. Customers planning their irrigation requirements for the remainder of this season should consider using carryover to meet their water needs into next season.