First Allocations Announced for Goulburn and Murray systems

Announcement Date: 2 Aug 2010
Next Announcement Due: 16 Aug 2010

Determination Data

Seasonal determinations for northern Victoria regulated river systems.

  High Reliability Water Share Change to High Reliability Water Share Comments
Murray 2% +2% -
Broken 0% % -
Goulburn 5% +5% -
Campaspe 0% % -
Loddon 0% % -
Bullarook Creek 0% % -

Further Information

Goulburn-Murray Water (G-MW), Resource Manager for northern Victorian water systems, today announced that the Goulburn system has an allocation of 5% of high-reliability water shares (HRWS) and the Murray system has an allocation of 2% HRWS. The Broken, Campaspe, Loddon and Bullarook systems remain at zero allocation.

This is the first time since 2005/06 that the Goulburn system has had an allocation at the start of August. The Murray system last had an early August allocation in 2006/07.

The resource improvements that followed rainfall in July have been sufficient to close the gap to allocations in the two larger systems. Mark Bailey, G-MW's Acting Resource Manager, said "Inflows to the storages continued after the heavy rainfall in mid-July and some smaller follow-up events. The improvements were enough to begin allocations in the Goulburn and Murray systems, and narrow the shortfalls to allocation in the other systems."

Dr Bailey added, "We are now entering the period of the year that historically has delivered higher inflows to the northern Victorian systems. With the catchments much wetter than in recent years, there are better chances of future rain events producing runoff that would translate into allocation increases."

The announcement of allocations in the Goulburn and Murray systems means that the G-MW distribution systems will open on 16 August if there is demand, and remain operational throughout the 2010/11 irrigation season. Carried over allocation can be delivered in the Broken, Campaspe, Loddon and Bullarook systems throughout the season if ordered. All of the northern Victorian systems can deliver critical human water needs throughout the season.

Customers planning early season irrigation requirements are urged to confirm their operating needs and arrangements with their local water corporation. Customers participating in the water trading market are reminded that the Murray-Darling Basin Authority has relaxed the rule controlling allocation trade from upstream of the Barmah Choke to downstream users. The ability to trade across the Barmah Choke will be regularly reviewed by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and the relaxation may be lifted at any time during the season.