Increase in Broken and Campaspe LRWS Seasonal Determinations

Announcement Date: 17 Dec 2012
Next Announcement Due: 15 Jan 2013

Determination Data

Seasonal determinations for northern Victoria regulated river systems.

  High Reliability Water Share Change to High Reliability Water Share Low Reliability Water Share Comments
Murray 100% 0% 0% Not declared
Broken 100% 0% 100% -
Goulburn 100% 0% 0% Declared 10 December 2012
Campaspe 100% 0% 94% Declared 10 December 2012
Loddon 100% 0% 0% -
Bullarook Creek 100% 0% 100% -

Further Information

The Resource Manager for northern Victorian regulated water systems today announced an update to the seasonal determinations for the 2012/13 season.

The Broken system seasonal determination is 100% high-reliability water shares (HRWS) and 100% of low-reliability water shares (LRWS), an increase of 60% LRWS. Campaspe system customers have a seasonal determination of 100% HRWS and 94% LRWS, an increase of 13% LRWS.

The seasonal determinations in the Murray, Goulburn and Loddon systems remain unchanged at 100% HRWS. The Bullarook system seasonal determination remains unchanged at 100% HRWS and 100% LRWS.

“Lower than forecast evaporation losses from Lake Nillahcootie in the Broken system and Lake Eppalock in the Campaspe system have made possible the seasonal determination increases announced today,” said Dr Mark Bailey, Resource Manager. “There are still large volumes required before seasonal determinations against LRWS can be announced in the Murray, Goulburn and Loddon systems this season. It is unlikely that any LRWS seasonal determinations will be made this season in these three systems.”

In November, approximately 20,000 ML of the water pre-released from Dartmouth Reservoir could not be captured in Victoria’s share of Lake Hume. As a result, spillable water accounts in the Murray system will be debited by about 1.7%. Pre-releases from Dartmouth Reservoir are continuing, but the volume captured in Victoria’s share of Lake Hume will not be confirmed until early January. Water held in spillable water accounts in the Murray system is subject to physical spills from the storage or pre-releases.

Summary of Seasonal Determinations

The seasonal determinations for northern Victorian water systems on Monday 17 December 2012 can be found above.

Customers participating in the water trading market are reminded that the Murray-Darling Basin Authority has relaxed the rule controlling allocation trade from upstream of the Barmah Choke to downstream users. The ability to trade across the Barmah Choke will be regularly reviewed by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and the relaxation may be lifted at any time during the season.

Recent changes to carryover rules announced by the Minister for Water included the introduction of limits on allocation trade from New South Wales to Victoria. From 10 January 2013, trade will be limited according to the risk of spill in the Murray system and a 200 GL volume for the season. For information, as at 30 November, up to 80 GL of allocation could be traded from NSW without reaching the spill-risk limit. The situation will be reviewed again next month, with an announcement on 10 January 2013, at which stage the trade limits will come into operation. The status of these limits can be tracked at

More information on the limits on allocation trade can be found at

Upcoming Resource Manager Announcements

  • The next assessment of the probability of spill in the Murray system will be issued on Thursday 10 January 2013.
  • The next seasonal determination announcement will be issued on Tuesday 15 January 2013.