Storage Inflow Data

Inflow ML: Inflow volume that storage has received in Mega Litres

POE: The probability of exceedance describes the likelihood of a specific  volume being exceeded in the given time period. E.g. 90% POE means that 90 out of 100 times we would expect higher inflow volumes. A 50% POE is equal to a median average.

% Average: Mean Average - The value obtained by dividing the sum of all inflow volumes by the number of years data is available. Therefore a 50% mean average does not equal a 50% POE.

July Inflows

July 2017 inflows

Year to Date

Year to date


Inflow data for the current water year against different climate scenarios

The scenarios for different inflow conditions were produced using the following terminology: 

  • Wet: Inflow volumes that are greater in 10 years out of 100
  • Average: Inflow volumes that are greater in 50 years out of 100
  • Dry: Inflow volumes that are greater in 90 years out of 100
  • Extreme Dry: Inflow volumes that are greater in 99 years out of 100



Lake Hume


Lake Eildon

Goulburn Weir


Lake Buffalo

Lake William Hovell


 Lake Nillahcootie


Cairn Curran Reservoir

Tullaroop Reservoir


Lake Eppalock