Current Risk of Spill

Tuesday 10 May, 2022

Murray system risk of spill update

The Resource Manager for northern Victoria today updated the risk of spill in the Murray system.

Resource Manager Mark Bailey said Victoria’s share of the upper Murray storages were at capacity and the risk of spill remained greater than the 10 per cent threshold needed for a declaration of a low risk of spill.

“During April, about 6.9 GL could not be harvested in Victoria’s share of Lake Hume,” Dr Bailey said.

“This amounts to a spill from spillable water accounts and a 20 per cent deduction will occur with today’s announcement.

“Further deductions from spillable water accounts are possible in June if flows into Lake Hume during May cannot be stored in Victoria’s share.

“Please remember that any water remaining in spillable water accounts on June 10 will be returned to allocation accounts. Effectively, this action is being taken as a declaration of a low risk of spill that will give entitlement holders the opportunity to make decisions about remaining allocation before the end of the 2021/22 water year.”

Trading Opportunities

Allocation trade from New South Wales to Victoria is limited to the lesser of a net annual volume of 200 GL or a volume that keeps the risk of spill in the Victoria’s share of both Hume and Dartmouth reservoirs below 50 per cent.

As the current risk of spill in the Murray system is greater than 50 per cent, trade from New South Wales to Victoria will be stopped for the remaining months of 2021/22 unless trade from Victoria to New South Wales creates new trade opportunities. Customers can find out more about trade opportunities and a trial of improved trade adjustment methods on the Victorian Water Register website.

Next announcement on risk of spill

The risk of spill in the Murray system in 2021/22 will be updated on Friday June 10, 2022.

For information about the Resource Manager for northern Victorian regulated water systems, including seasonal determinations and resource availability, please visit

Refer to the MDBA website for Victoria’s share of Murray storages.