First Murray Allocations for Season Announced

Announcement Date: 1 Sep 2009
Next Announcement Due: 15 Sep 2009

Determination Data

Seasonal determinations for northern Victoria regulated river systems.

  High Reliability Water Share Change to High Reliability Water Share Comments
Murray 2% +2% -
Broken 0% % -
Goulburn 0% % -
Campaspe 0% % -
Loddon 0% % -
Bullarook Creek 0% % -

Further Information

A seasonal allocation of 2% of high-reliability water shares in the Murray system was announced today by Goulburn-Murray Water (G-MW), the Resource Manager for northern Victorian water systems, but all other systems remained with 0% allocations for the 2009/10 season.

G-MW's Resource Manager, Graeme Hannan, said the Murray system's allocation was the result of recent inflows in upper catchments. "Improved conditions during late August mean that Victoria has received enough water to meet existing commitments and begin allocating water for the 2009/10 season. There is now enough water to operate the delivery systems throughout the irrigation season."

Mr Hannan confirmed that improvements in the Goulburn system also allowed full-season operation for delivery of carried over allocation and domestic and stock water requirements. "There is not quite enough resource to produce any new allocation in the Goulburn system. We anticipate that future improvements will allow the first allocations for the 2009/10 season on 15 September," Mr Hannan said.

In the Broken, Campaspe, Loddon, and Bullarook systems there were only minor improvements in water availability in late August. "We remain concerned by the status of these systems," said Mr Hannan. "G‑MW staff members have recently briefed customer groups on the planned operations of the systems if the severe resource constraints continue. It will be difficult to maintain continuous river flows through the entire year unless further inflows are received."