Allocation Increase in Goulburn and Broken Systems

Announcement Date: 15 Feb 2010
Next Announcement Due: 1 Mar 2010

Determination Data

Seasonal determinations for northern Victoria regulated river systems.

  High Reliability Water Share Change to High Reliability Water Share Comments
Murray 63% % -
Broken 4% +3% -
Goulburn 58% +2% -
Campaspe 0% % -
Loddon 0% % -
Bullarook Creek 11% % -

Further Information

Goulburn-Murray Water (G‑MW), the resource manager for northern Victorian water systems, today announced increased allocations in the Goulburn and Broken systems. Allocations in all other systems were unchanged.

The seasonal allocation in the Goulburn system is 58% of high-reliability water shares (HRWS), which is an increase of 2% HRWS. The seasonal allocation in the Broken system is 4% HRWS, which is an increase of 3% HRWS.

The allocations in the Murray and Bullarook systems stay at 63% HRWS and 11% HRWS respectively. The Campaspe and Loddon seasonal allocations remain at zero.

Graeme Hannan, G-MW's Resource Manager, attributed the allocation improvements in the Goulburn and Broken systems to reduced releases from storages. "The scattered showers and thunderstorms of recent days have reduced the demand for water, and releases from storage have been reduced. This has provided resources savings that we have been able to convert into allocation."

"Inflows to storages have remained low across all systems. There has been no benefit in the Murray and Bullarook systems, and the allocations in these systems are unchanged as a result. The deficit to allocations in the Campaspe and Loddon systems is closing slowly, but the chances of those systems achieving an allocation this season remains low," said Mr Hannan.

The next allocation announcement will be issued on Monday 1 March 2010.