Goulburn Low-Reliability Water Share

The information below provides more detail on the current water budget in the Goulburn system, and helps explain why no seasonal determinations against low-reliability water shares have occurred.

Click here for general information on making seasonal determinations and conditions needed to make a low-reliability seasonal determination.


The water available in the Goulburn water budget is significantly less than volume required to make a low-reliability water share seasonal determination for a few reasons:

    Inflows this season from July to December have been 1,070 GL below the long-term average (see graph below).


  • Historically, the Loddon supplement also provides on average about 80 GL per year to the Goulburn system. However, over recent years our understanding of the reserves to run the Loddon River and secure allocations for Loddon diverters has changed, which has reduced the amount of water available for the Goulburn. There is no water available in the Loddon storages to supplement the Goulburn system this season.